Photo by Levi Favarula

Photo by Levi Favarula

About Tony

Capture your most valuable moments with Tony Favarula. As a lifestyle photographer based in Chicago, Tony brings your special moments to life.

Capturing real moments

Tony’s shoots are focused on spontaneity both on location and in the studio. He captures moments for clients that are fun, quirky, full of energy, and sometimes gritty and raw, spanning the full range of human emotion.

In sum, you can expect real moments captured by camera. For kids, this can mean playful images whereas for you it might mean a true smile. No matter what kind of photography you’re looking for, Tony is there to make you feel at ease during the entire shoot.

Tony thrives at engaging his subjects while being a part of the action. For every shoot, whether lifestyle or portrait, he focuses on bringing out everybody’s unique photographic potential and telling clients' stories. 

What to expect from a shoot with Tony

Working with Tony means working with a professional in both technique and interaction. His images have been used by agencies, design groups and companies for digital and print campaigns. 

For each of his clients, Tony looks at what a brand or person represents. From that angle, he creates images that evoke just that. Athleticism, joy or creativity. One image can tell it all.

Tony’s photography aims at translating life into emotionally impactful photographs. Your pictures can include small quiet moments with often missed details of everyday life. Or you might prefer images that are high in energy! Whether small or large production location shoots, Tony will bring out your personality or brand.

Want to book a shoot with Tony? Visit the contact page and let Tony capture your favourite moments.